All Media Art Set - 090672069214
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All Media Art Set

This set comes with a wide selection of artist materials, complete in an attractive wooden case. The case is equipped with protective holders so on-the-go artists can travel in confidence. This 102-piece set includes 15 soft pastels, 12 12ml acrylic paint tubes, 12 12ml oil paint tubes, 12 12ml watercolor paint tubes, 12 colored pencils, 12 oil pastels, four artist guides including: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Sketching & Drawing, three gold Taklon brushes, three white bristle brushes, three white Taklon brushes, three palette knives, two graphite pencils, one wooden palette, one plastic oval palette, one brush wrap, one pencil wrap, a sandpaper block, a kneaded eraser, a drawing eraser, one sharpener, one 9" x 12" artist painting pad, one 9" x 12" drawing pad and 1 wooden easel box.