Mink Crafts | Mountain City Tennessee | 430 S Church Street
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In 2016 our founder, Rebecca Mink, started her dream to open her own craft store, Mink Crafts. What started off as a little store to sell handmade items that she had made, and a few craft supplies quickly turned into a fully stocked arts and crafts store that has a wide range of supplies. Mink Crafts, with the support of her family, has grown to the point that it is now a brick and mortar and online store. Rebecca’s family all pitched in to help with the store while she and her husband both worked full time jobs while keeping the store open 6 days a week. Her dream became a reality and she is now able to run the store full time. She also enjoys being able to teach classes throughout the week.

Being able to offer local art and craft supplies to the people of Johnson County, TN (and beyond) at an affordable price was the goal from the start. She very quickly realized that there was so much more local talent than she was aware of. Our community has been blessed with very skilled artists, crafters, needle artists, quilters, wood workers, and so much more. One of the main goals is to continue to educate and equip younger generations with these invaluable skills. With a long family history of talented artists, it has always been our family’s goal to encourage others to try new crafts and find their inner artist.

It is Mink Crafts' hope that our store and website will not only supply you with all of your crafting needs, but inspire you to create.  Whether or not you are doing a simple craft project or a large DIY wedding we are here to help you find everything you need at a reasonable price. We are always happy to help you find that special item and are glad to order anything that you may need. Happy Crafting!


Chad Greever reviewed Mink Crafts5 star

It is extremely rare I write a review, but this store deserves it. Everyone who has been working when I've gone in has been incredibly friendly, and always takes the time to answer your questions. And it's very fairly priced across the board. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Kay Richardson reviewed Mink Crafts5 star


Mink Crafts is quickly becoming my favorite go to for craft supplies. They have a great selection of craft/art supplies and also beautiful, high end handmade items.
Although I do not knit or crochet the yarn they carry is beautiful.
The people there are friendly and helpful. Wonderful to have a great craft shop in Mountain City.

Sheila Eldreth reviewed Mink Crafts5 star

Love, love Mink Crafts! Rebecca is an amazing, gifted artist! Can't wait to take one of her classes!


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